Secrets of Love, Loss and Forgiveness


In an age when we seem to have no time for ourselves, and competition, disconnectedness, and terror form the backdrop of our lives, we must replace fear of living and fear of dying with love. if we are to live and die peacefully, we need revisions of thought and action-paradigm shifts-that are simple, but not easy. Secrets of Love, Loss, and Forgiveness offers tools to bring about these transformative changes and make love, liberty, and happiness a way of life. In the Foreword, Matthew Fox writes: "I welcome this book, this bard, this storyteller, this self-healer who speaks not just his own thoughts, but the stories of so many he has witnessed in their last days and the many he has witnessed in workshops. The author summarizes the lessons of living and dying, of wisdom and caring. It is a timely book, simple in its message, deep in its analysis, and sure in its offering of methodologies to assist us in ways of mindful living and dying." Fear and self-neglect may be clouding our consciousness, but love lies waiting for us within, and Secrets is a spiritual GPS that will guide us home. "You have nothing to lose but your suffering, and love really does provide us with a lighthouse that makes clear the way."



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• Secrets of Love, Loss and Forgiveness

  • ISBN-10: 0984596607
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984596607

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